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Melanie's Picks: from PhotoEspaña Book Awards

 copyright Mario Algaze from Portfolio

Thanks to Mario Algaze for letting us know that PhotoEspaña just announced the winners of its prestigious book awards for the 2010 festival. His book Portfolio was among the 100 some winners selected from over 400 titles. We will have signed copies of his book in just a few weeks.

Also, included on this list are many books that photo-eye has promoted over the past year and many more that we hope to acquire. Of this list, there are some particular books of note that I have seen and hoped to write about on this blog. This gives me the opportunity to do so now. 

One of print images by Liu YiQing from Happy Tonite*

Verso of one of prints by Liu YiQing from Happy Tonite*

Happy Tonite is a new book edited by Ed Jones and James Welch and published by Archive of Modern Conflict who also published the award-winning Nein, Onkel and The Corinthians. This book is surrounded by shiny green PVC boards and stamped "Happy Tonite" in hot pink ink on the front cover in a sexy disco font. The images range in subject matter and feature the work of Chinese artists Liu YiQing, Cai Hongshuo, Chang He, Zeng Han, Yang Changhong, Bai Chuan, Dustin Shum, Chang Qing, Fang Er, Feng Li, Luo Dan and Jiang Yiming. Folded neatly into a tri-fold page is one of three limited edition prints (one of which is shown here recto and verso*) by Liu YiQing. It is chicly presented giving even more of an edgy stylishness to the images selected. 

Although I do not usually collect books on vernacular photography, it is a very popular genre in contemporary collecting and publishing. The new book Die Bewohner (The Residents) published by Patrick Frey with photographs from the collection of Elmar Mauch stands out in this genre. In the chapters, Der Fels (the rock), Die Bewe­gung (the move­ment), Die Bewohner (the res­i­dents), Die Abwe­senden (the absent), Die Wehrhaften (the armed), Meins (mine) and Epi­log (epi­logue), Mauch has curated images from his collection that sometimes loosely relate to these themes allowing for a malleability of meaning within this forced context and structured format. The Japanese binding is a nice touch giving a little extra thickness to the pages and creating a feeling not unlike holding a family photo album. Read more about this book on Mrs. Deane.

*Please note that we are not taking requests for specific images.

 A small selection of other great books from the list of the winners:
Agonie by Antoine D'Agata (Also picked as a Best Book 2009 by Martin Parr)
Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 1970s (picked as a Best Book 2009 by Ed Templeton and Richard Gordon)
Summer Nights, Walking, Robert Adams
I Have a Room with Everything by Melanie Bonajo (picked as a Best Book 2009 by Lesley A. Martin)
Books on Books (no. 5-8)
Asor by Graciela Iturbide

All the award winners can be viewed on the PhotoEspaña Book Awards page. Email us at if you want to inquire about any of the titles listed.