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The Best Books of 2014

Best Books 2014 Best Books 2014 photo-eye’s annual survey of the year’s best photobooks as chosen by 29 notables from the art photo world

It is with great pleasure that we present to you photo-eye’s Best Books of 2014.

For the past six years, we gear up for Best Books by making the difficult decision of selecting contributors. We pick from a long list of bibliophiles to find the right mix of personalities and tastes and then we invite and wait. Weeks later, the eagerly anticipated lists of best books picks start to roll into our inboxes. Despite our finest attempts throughout the year to keep up on all the great photobooks out there, we inevitably discover an abundance books we’ve missed, and begin the process of searching for images and information on every title. It’s a ton of work, but as die-hard photobook lovers, we’re happy to do it, and we’re always excited to share the list with equally enthused readers.

This year's contributor's are:
Laia Abril
Andy Adams
Blake Andrews
Daniel Boetker Smith
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
Sarah Bradley
Marco Delogu
Cristina de Middel
John Gossage
Christopher J. Johnson
Manik Katyal
Anne Kelly
Jeffrey Ladd
Melanie McWhorter
Eric Miles
Colin Pantall
Martin Parr
Mark Power
Ramon Pez
Markus Schaden
Takeki Sugiyama
Sara Skorgan Teigen
Ruth van Beek
Alex F. Webb & Lewis Chalpin
Roger Willems

Prior to 2009, photo-eye’s Best Books was a tight list of 10 titles selected by the photo-eye staff. Staff members are still encouraged to list their favorite books of the year, but opening up the floor to a variety of voices across the photo world changed the nature of our project, turning it from a ranking to a survey of some of the best photography titles produced in a year. Given the sudden explosion of photobooks, this seems to have been a good move. Each year we’ve found less and less agreement between contriutors, but a bigger and richer selection of books.

This year we’re returning to our model of releasing all contributors lists at the same time. It’s a copious amount to go through – have at it! Below we have the most commonly selected books, and please share your picks in the comments! The more the merrier.

By Nicolo Degiorgis

By Rafal Milach

By Alejandro Cartagena

By Mikhail Subotzsky & Patrick Waterhouse

By Peter van Agtmael
Red Hook Editions

By Joan Fontcuberta
Editions Bessard

4 Selections:
John Gossage
Jeffrey Ladd
Martin Parr

*This title is out-of-print. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
By Sara Skogen Teigen

By Awoiska Van der molen
FW: Books

By Laia Abril
Dewi Lewis

By Thomas Roma & Giancarlo T. Roma

Edited by Timothy Prus
AMC Books

By Carolyn Drake