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New Publisher on the Publisher's Showcase: Little Brown Mushroom

Last week when I announced the Publisher's Showcase for Seems, I had hoped to announce that we had added Little Brown Mushroom to the list as well. I like to include the mission statement and as LBM's did not appear on their blog or website, I emailed requesting a this info from Charlie or Carrie at the office of the imprint. They deferred this request to founder and photographer, Alec Soth. Soth, in his candid and humorous style, emailed me this in response:

"Little Brown Mushroom is a DIY affair that blessedly doesn’t have to define itself or, for that matter, make money. LBM is our lemonade stand. It is mostly an excuse to enjoy the pleasures of making and sharing something cool."

The lack of capitalistic motivations at LBM has allowed them the freedom to print affordable books for the insatiable photobook crowd. The new series that LBM is publishing is modeled after the Little Golden Books, but marketed more as storybooks for adults. The first in the series, Trent Parke's Bedknobs and Broomsticks, was released in June and sold out in less than a week after the public announcement. LBM's publications are affordability and quality in one sweet little package.

Lost Boy Mountain by Lester B. Morrison

Fantom Magazine, Spring 2010 issue

Also available from LBM is Lester B. Morrison's Lost Boy Mountain which combines Morrison's haiku and collage in a staple bound, color offset zine. More info on Morrison can be found in the Spring 2010 issue of Fantom Magazine. In this issue, Soth talks with Morrison about his art, philosophies and ongoing work in progress -- The Big Manual (a manual for the average man). At the bottom of the interview, Soth notes that Steidl plans to publish Morrison's The Big Manual some time in the future. Keep an eye out for that one.