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Photographer's Showcase: Ernie Button -- Vanishing Spirits

The Photographer's Showcase is pleased to introduce a new portfolio from Ernie Button: Vanishing Spirits
Balvenie 129, 2009 -- Ernie Button

It's easy to get lost in the rich colors and soft swirls of the images from Ernie Button's Vanishing Spirits portfolio. At times the fine lines create landscapes, topographical ridges, the deltas of rivers. Some have bubbles, drawing the lines around them like cloud formations and storm of distant planets. And some are painterly, beautiful in their glow of color. But what, exactly, are we looking at? They can't be what they look like -- images of Jupiter or highly colored aerial photography. Yet there is something oddly familiar about them. They are, in fact, the delicate lines of residue left in the bottom of a glass by Single Malt Scotch, their subtle detail enhanced by colored light.

Highland Park 175  -- Ernie Button
Few would give these pale lines much more than a passing glance before depositing the glass in the dishwasher, but Button has managed to turn happenstance into the fantastic. Button has a keen eye for detail and plastic imagination -- able to see what so many of us over look in the every day, and then reimagine it -- changing its context, allowing us to see it for what it is, but also much more.  This quality is also clearly demonstrated in Button's other body of work on the Photographer's Showcase, Cerealism.

View Ernie Button's Vanishing Spirits portfolio on the Photographer's Showcase.

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