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Limited Edition: Renate Aller's Oceanscapes

Last week, Renate Aller dropped off a copy of her limited edition of Oceanscapes 
(shown left and below). Aller is a mixed media artist who has created installation art in the past and this limited edition is no deviation from this genre of art. The limited edition of Oceanscapes contains one of her prints mounted behind one inch thick acrylic giving the illusion of liquidity to the ocean horizon photograph — its translucent illumination is similar to that obtained by a light box. The mounted piece is signed and numbered by Aller in an edition of 25 on the verso with a jeweler's engraving tool and it is housed with a signed and numbered trade edition book in the custom-made acrylic box. The box and/or print can be displayed upright or flat and is a work of art in and of itself. Though several of these have already sold, it is still priced in the first tier of $1800. The next tier is $2600, so don't wait to make an order for this stunning piece (only 2 left in the first tier). Signed copies of the trade edition of Oceanscapes are also available. 

 Limited edition print of Oceanscapes

 Renate Aller with limited edition of Oceanscapes

 Renate Aller signing copies of Oceanscapes 

 Melanie McWhorter with Renate Aller 
and limited edition of Oceanscapes