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Melanie's Picks: Raymond Meeks' who will stay

Opening a Raymond Meeks book is like opening a treasure from a poet, an artist, an eccentric friend-of-the-family. This little gem, who will stay, is simply bound in printed paper boards modeled on 1970s wall paper. As each layer opens beneath your fingers, you discover photos, poems and a handwritten letter. 

Raymond Meeks puts his heart into every project -- each book is a cathartic experience, purging the bad while embracing the good. who will stay is the third book in a trilogy -- following carousel (now out-of-print) and amwell, continuum -- and the exit for Meeks' recent journey. The images in this volume represent salvation, rebirth, transition and, literally, the fallow ground waiting for the spring planting. The modesty of the imagery shown in the plates extends to the price, as each edition is so reasonably priced that its cost does not truly represent the value, worth and pleasure attained by viewing this book. 

Read the poem that accompanies who will stay on the citation page and read Daniel Espeset's small review in the photo-eye New Arrivals Newsletter.

Raymond Meeks' who will stay 
(shown with matted silver-gelatin print)
Interior image of who will stay
Interior image of who will stay
Interior image of who will stay

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