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Photographer's Showcase: Kevin Erskine -- Supercell

The Photographer's Showcase is pleased to introduce a portfolio from Kevin Erskine: Supercell

Kevin Erskine -- Supercell Harrison Nebraska, 2009
Few things on this earth can simultaneously inspire both terror and wonder like a storm. The experience is likely universal: while one dreads the threat of danger, an on-coming storm can be hard not to watch, the raw power and unique beauty hypnotizing. Kevin Erskine captures this duality with mastery. Erskine is well acquainted with big storm, moving with is family from Illinois to a small town in Nebraska at age 10. In 1968 at age 12, Erskine witnessed his first huge storm -- a category 4 tornado. Shortly thereafter he started borrowing his father's camera to document the storms that passed through, and at age 19, when he got his first truck, he began storm chasing.

Kevin Erskine -- Lightning Bismarck North Dakota, 2006
Erskine still lives in Nebraska -- a farmer and photographer who continues to chase storms with his large format camera -- photographing the fantastic and imposing shapes of supercell storm systems, massive powerful structures, breathtaking in their terrible beauty. Leaving just enough traces of the earth in his framing, Erskine's images are a reminder of the sky's dominion over the landscape. The cloud formations dwarf anything else in the images and cast a strange light over the earth. While the lightening and the stunning cloud formations Erskine catches are impressive, it is this light and color in these images that stick with me (all done without the help of a computer). Erskine has managed to capture the elusive light and color of a storm. At no other time is the world cast in such a peculiar light -- foreboding, but beautiful and magical all the same.

Kevin Erskine -- Supercell Billings Montana, 2007
 Erskine's images are soon to be published in a forthcoming book. We'll let you know when it's available! See the book here.

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