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Best Books 2010 - A Closer Look Part 3

The third set of a closer look at photo-eye's Best Books of 2010, broken down by contributor. To see the contributor's comments on their selections, click their name. Clicking on book titles will bring you to their Best Books page.

Alan Rapp      Writer/Visual Consultant/Teacher
Working the Line, New York, Gita Lenz, For a Language to Come, Spomenik
Contraband, A Book of Birds, Invisible, The Complete Architecture of Adler & Sullivan

Ram√≥n Revert√©      Editor

Quatorze Juillet, The Adventures of Guille and Belinda, Der Rote Bulli, Empty Land, See You Soon
Desperate Cars, Coming Up for Air, Sentimental Journey, Spring Journey, Broken Manual, Detroit 2009

Michael Schmelling      Photographer
Speaker Receiver, Bidoun Issue #22, Oraien Catledge, Geographical Analogies, Congo Belge En Images
Broken Manual, Stolen Works of Art, The Mushroom Collector, Touch and Go, Here

George Slade      Writer / Curator

Smoke Bath, The Kaddu Wasswa Archive, MaskeThe State of Ata, Photographs
5683 Miles Away, War Is Personal, Infidel, Thinner Air, Drinking the Kool-Aid

Alec Soth      Photographer/Bookmaker

The Mushroom Collector, La Carte d'apres Nature, Family, Story / No Story, The Thirty-Two Inch Ruler / Map Of Babylon
Fiume, Toshi-e, Playing Borders, The Sound of Two Songs, Picture Book

Peter Sutherland      Photographer

Destroy This Memory, Emmett, Kitintale, The Seconds Pass, Contraband
Myriorama, Kyklades, Broken Manual, Stoopz, Dans la Chambre Verte

Willem van Zoetendaal      Graphic Designer/Publisher/Curator/Gallerist
Contraband, Tokyo Tokyo, Bruit De Fond, Sketches, Foto & Copyright
Troy Brauntuch, Car Crash Studies 2001-2010, Fringe Phenomena 1, Pierre Molinier, Drift

Laurence Vecten      Publisher/Editor

Teufelsberg, See You Soon, Coney Island, Nursery, B Sides
A Tree at Night, Kawa, The Strangeness of This Idea, Dizzy Noon, Katherine Avenue

Fabrice Wagner      Publisher
See You Soon, Blumen, Yangtze, Life Adjustment Center, Vedove/Widows
The Mushroom Collector, La Visite, Cronotopie, Remnants of the Recent Past, Photography 1965–74
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