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Photographer's Showcase: Smith Eliot -- The Secrets We Keep

The Photographer's Showcase is pleased to introduce The Secrets We Keep, photographs by Smith Eliot
Smith Eliot -- Touching
Was there ever anything better than childhood games of Pretend? I remember dressing up in my mother's clothes, donning her jewelry, and carefully applying lipstick to my little sister that ended up smudged around the periphery of her mouth.

One of the best things about the Game of Pretend was being in collusion with my sister. Alternate realities unfolded between us, as unfold between all kids in cahoots with each other, and within the confines of our own microcosm of tin foil fairy wings and magic wands, we understood the nature of the universe perfectly.  -- Smith Eliot
What emerges from game of pretend enacted between adults? Each image two women interact in a wordless story, each frame like a sentence cut off mid breath, what came before and after lost, but the emotion of the moment captured. There is a tension between the subjects, each in their own world but connected by their shared fantasy. 

The images also seem to be a quite celebration of the beauty of form and the shapes created by two bodies interacting.  The women in these images are very real -- they are not the perfect models we see in magazines. We see the delicate lines of veins under the skin, their hair is tousled, more beautiful for their realness.

Smith Eliot -- Twigs
View Smith Eliot's portfolio The Secrets We Keep on the Photographer's Showcase.

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