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Photographer's Showcase Artist Update

Platform, Tulsi, Siberia, 2010 -- Frank Ward
 Congratulations to Frank Ward who has just been awarded a Massachusetts Cultural Council grant for his photographic work in the former Soviet Union. Some of Wards images from this project can be seen in his portfolio on the Photographer's Showcase, The Drunken Bicycle: Travels in the Former Soviet Union. The images in Ward's portfolio were taken in Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan from 2005-2010. You can explore Ward's investigations of the former Soviet Union here.

The Hand of Man, 2006 -- John Chervinsky

John Chervinsky's An Experiment in Perspective has just opened at Wall Space Gallery in Santa Barbara. An opening reception will be held tonight, June 2nd. The exhibition runs through July 3rd.You can see images from this exhibit in Chervinsky's two portfolios on the Photographer's Showcase Mode of Inquiry and An Experiment in Perspective, here.

Birds and National Poster in Abu Dhabi, 2008 -- Jeffris Elliot

Jeffris Elliott has been interviewed by the Italian online magazine U-Skill and talks about his new projects and his influences. You can read the interview here. Elliott's work has also been featured in Russian Esquire, highlighting images from Elliott's Mother portfolio, which you can see here. Both featured portfolios, Another Face of Islam and Mother, along with his portfolio Portraits from Mexico, can be seen on the Photographer's Showcase here.