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from left to right: A to B, Two and Two, my home is where you are, Oh, So Big

Featured this week on Publisher Direct, two books by photographer John MacLean. The artist's 6th self-published book Two and Two is an endeavor in taking two separate photographs of the same subject, creating a dialogue about the artist's decision making process. MacLean presents these two distinct images side-by-side, aiming to challenge both the viewer and himself in the process of approach when dealing with the language of photography.

MacLean's 7th self-published book A to B was inspired by director Stanley Kubrick's approach to wearing down his actors by shooting up to 30 takes for one scene, forcing the actors into an honest emotional state and new perspective. Similar in approach, MacLean chose two points (A and B) on his map of London to drift back and forth between, recording the walks with his GPS unit and mapping out his meandering. This book became a spontaneous engagement to the photographer’s own photographic process, creating a series of absorbing images.

Filipe Casaca’s my home is where you are is a beautifully designed and printed object that is a reflection of the private life shared between the photographer and his wife. The elusive lighting and rich printing is splendid and further enhances the author's personal insight into an intimacy that can only be portrayed by an individual close to their subject. Limited to 300 signed copies, my home is where you are invites the viewer into a world of deep devotion.

Paula Gillen’s Oh, So Big is a humorous and erotic book about the trends of 1970's soft-core pornography. By cutting and pasting images from three pornographic magazines the artist has created a light-hearted object that also addresses serious issues about pornographic culture with regards to race and the male gaze. Limited to an edition of 100 copies, Oh, So Big is an unusual look into at the peculiar culture of sexual behavior and freedom.

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