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Affordable Art: Great Limited Editions Under $200

For years now, I have noticed a move in the art world to make art more affordable. Many of the larger names and best known and sought-after artists can still charge top dollar for their pieces, but there seems to be an unavoidable trend towards art for the masses. The Affordable Art Fair New York has now launched a second fair in Los Angeles and the ramping up of self-published books, wide acceptance of zine culture, enterprising young artists selling inexpensive pieces on their own and -- importantly -- the acceptance of many of these trends by mainstream collectors, has prompted entrepreneurial spirits like Jen Bekman to launch 20x200 and later 50x500 series, Kevin Mizaki's to found the not-for-profit Collect.give and Jennifer Schwartz Gallery to commission her gallery artists to produce inexpensive portfolios in The Ten.

At photo-eye we are always pleased to announce limited edition books with prints, but sometimes worry that with the name "limited edition" attached to the title some people might steer clear fearing the high cost usually associated with that label. But fear not, affordable art is here at photo-eye as well and we wanted to point out a few of these reasonably priced limited editions before they disappear. All of the images shown below represent the print that accompanies the book -- and they are all under $200.

From Ian Teh's Traces. C-print, edition of 100, signed and numbered, $165.00

Irina Rozovsky's One to Nothing, 8x8" archival pigment print, edition of 50, signed, numbered 
and dated on verso, $140.00
Yael Ben-Zion's 5683 Miles Away, 11x11" C-print, edition of 100 + 5 AP, signed 
and numbered, $150.00

Michael Schmelling's Atlanta, 8x10" C-print, edition of 100, signed with and a handwritten 
list of Atlanta street names, $100.00 
Jim Krantz's Homage: Remembering Chernobyl, one of two print options, 8x10" archival 
pigment print with signed book, edition of 25, $125.00