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ECHOLILIA / Sometimes I wonder, Connected Creativity, On Form and Fiction, Hose Variations
Timothy Archibald's ECHOLILIA / Sometimes I wonder is a beautiful collaboration between father and son. Featured in the New York Times, TIME and other highly acclaimed publications, this book focuses on a journey of discovery for the two collaborators through the filter of the autistic spectrum.

Jos Jansen's Connected Creativity is a documentation of the daily life of NXP researchers at work. The photographer's focus on the global semiconductor company was inspired by the 1989 publication Natlab by photographer Ed van der Elsken and gives a unique insight into a world of innovation.

Adrian Tyler's On Form and Fiction is a stunningly printed book that makes a striking connection between nature and human perception. Focusing on the last surviving areas of European primeval forests, this book takes the viewer through the annual cycle of the land’s death and rebirth.

Bjarne Bare’s Hose Variations is an engaging view into human habit and character. By photographing hoses as they are found, the photographer focuses on a "dead moment" shedding a small light on the owners’ personality.

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