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New on photo-eye's Publisher Direct

from left to right: Leafsmoke, Undisclosed, Sea of Lanterns and END OF BEAUTY
This week on photo-eye's Publisher Direct we have four new superb titles.

Leafsmoke by Kay J. Denton evokes a surreal and intimate sense of an external and internal environment. The images in this book capture an everyday world whose inhabitants appear timeless and clearly have a deep kinship with their surroundings. Creating an ambiance of child-like wonder, Denton leads the viewer through a dream-like world that beckons contemplation of the one’s own personal environment, begging us to reconsider our own understanding of place.

Undisclosed by Bertil Nilsson is a stunning interpretation of the artistic expression exhibited by circus performers. Focusing on the physicality of the performer's training, Nilsson's photographs display a thoughtful understanding of the dedication of this often overlooked and under-appreciated craft. The performers here always appear nude, sharpening the photographer's focus on the sculptural form and graceful beauty of the men and women presented in this monograph. Exceptionally printed, Undisclosed takes us into a world many have yet to see.

Sea of Lanterns by Ewa Monika Zebrowski and Anne Michaels is an intriguing collaboration between photographer and writer. Paired alongside Michael's poetic text, Zebrowski's images capture a ghostly atmosphere, creating a duet between the artists that evokes a journey on the line between the conscious and subconscious. Limited to an edition of 20 artist books, Sea of Lanterns consists of 27 small books that vary in design and content. The 27 folios in this collection can be viewed at random, allowing the viewer to engage with the artists' story in their own preference.

Also by Ewa Monika Zebrowski, END OF BEAUTY is delicate artist book that awakens a sense of thoughtful contemplation. The photographs here — all taken in the same room — display a quiet ambiance with each individual image exhibiting a powerful presence. There is an illusive emptiness within the spaces of Zebrowski's photographs, creating a mysterious environment that forces the viewer to engage with the space carefully. Combining text within the accordion fold design and limited to an edition of 20 copies, END OF BEAUTY is a precious and subtle object.

All Publisher Direct titles are available for order through the publisher via a special link within their listing.