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New Work to be released by Mitch Dobrowner

Jupiter © Mitch Dobrowner
photo-eye is excited to announce that Mitch Dobrowner will be releasing new work October 11th.

Continuing his storm series, these new photographs criss-cross Tornado Alley and the Great Plains, continuing to push the bounds of his photography, seeking out the "nastiest, most unstable" weather possible.

Dobrowner's storm series work was recently featured in Time Magazine's Lightbox:
"Words are inadequate to describe the experience of photographing this immense power and beauty, and the most exciting part is with each trip I really don't know what to expect. But today I see these storms as living, breathing things. They are born when the conditions are right, they gain strength as they grow, they fight against their environment to stay alive, they change form as they age, and eventually they die. They take on so many different aspects, personalities and faces. My only hope is that my images can do justice to these amazing phenomena of nature."

The new work, one of which is shown above, will be released by Dobrowner on October 11th. No other new photographs are available for viewing until then. Please contact photo-eye Associate Director Anne Kelly to receive additional information about this exciting release. photo-eye Gallery may also be reached by phone at 505-988-5152 x202.