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from left to right: I loved You the Moment I Saw You, Identity and Diffusion Volume III
I Loved You the Moment I Saw You by Peter Black is a compelling view of the photographer's home city of Wellington, New Zealand. Cinematic in approach, the photographs here draw on direct narratives focusing on the city's culture and politics through the portrayal of the human condition. Taken from the viewpoint of a street photographer, the images in this book are composed of sometimes gritty and often humorous depictions of daily life.

Identity by Stewart Cohen is a diverse collection of portraits of individuals from all walks of life. The striking images in this book are accompanied by the subjects' hand-written text describing what it is that makes them unique. Identity offers 50 individual portraits of highly engaging personalities including Peter Beard, Erykah Badu, and Ed Ruscha among many others. The photographs here give insights into how the subjects perceive themselves as well as reflect our own perception of their physical appearance.

Diffusion: Unconventional Photography (Volume III) is the latest edition of the independent annual highlighting unconventional photographic processes and related photographic works. Volume III highlights the work of Jennifer F. Schlesinger, Dan Estabrook, Rita Bernstein and Jason E. Kelley, while also showcasing articles and essays on a wide variety of topics. Diffusion has become a valued resource to the photographic community, introducing new artists who push the boundaries of the photographic medium while also providing compelling interviews and image galleries.

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