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Photographer's Showcase Artist Update

Photographer's Showcase artist Jason DeMarte opens Panacea, an exhibition at the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography at the Russel Industrial Center in Detroit on Saturday December 3rd with an opening reception from 6-9pm. The exhibition features work from DeMarte's latest body of work entitled Nature Preserve.

Utopic, DeMarte's body of work on the Photographer's Showcase, is an investigation into our perceptions of the natural and consumer worlds.
Ambiguous Object of Desire -- Jason DeMarte
"Utopic investigates how the artificial nature of our modern day interpretation of the natural world compares to the way we approach our immediate consumer world. I am interested in modes of representing the natural world through events and objects that have been fabricated or taken out of context. This unnatural experience of the so-called 'natural' world is reflected in the way we, as modern consumers, ingest products. What becomes clear is that the closer we come to mimicking the natural world, the further away we separate ourselves from it." -- Jason DeMarte

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Fritz Liedtke's work at Blue Sky Gallery
Photographer's Showcase Artist Fritz Liedtke just opened a show at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland OR. Liedtke's series Astra Velum is a series of beautiful photogravures of women with freckled skin. Today, the photogravure is a seldom used process, but one that Liedtke feels holds special advantages.

"I’ve used photogravure for this series for several reasons. First, in the digital age, I feel more and more distant from the handmade quality of photography — the manual labor of developing film and dodging and burning prints. But even darkroom work created a product that was made by hand, but showed no evidence of it. For this reason I’m drawn to processes like tintype, encaustic, and photogravure, which show clear evidence of the artist’s involvement with the final product." -- Fritz Liedtke

Liedtke gave a talk about his work and process at Blue Sky Gallery. Learn more about Leidtke's process and see more of his work here.
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Congratulations to Photographer's Showcase artist Larry Louie, who is one of the six finalists for the book prize in photolucida's Critical Mass. His project focuses on Dhaka, Bangladesh, an area of high urban population growth unable to sustain the housing, work and infrastructure demands put on it by the ever increasing population. You can see the work here.
Opening of the Temple Door -- Larry Louie
Louie's work on the Photographer's Showcase is a series of images from Tibet, titled Tibetans: The Struggle for Cultural Preservation. His statement speaks to both bodies of work, but also to who Louie is as a photographer.

"I am constantly amazed by the ethnic and cultural diversity I see in our world on my travels: from our gender to our skin colors to our race and our religion, and the differences in our languages, beliefs, and customs. Increasingly, I feel an urgency to document people in areas of the world threatened by urbanization and globalization – places where traditional ways of life, ancient knowledge and customs, languages and identities are disappearing at an alarming rate. People often talk about endangered species and the loss of biodiversity in nature. Some are beginning to notice the threat to the diversity of cultures. The changes brought on by rapid industrialization and urbanization affect not only animal and plant species – societies that have been around for thousands of years are also at risk. " -- Larry Louie

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For more information on Jason DeMarte, Fritz Liedtke, Larry Louie or any other photo-eye artist, contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director by email or by calling the gallery at (505) 988-5152 x202