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Best Books 2011 Break Down: Part 1

Over the next few days we'll bring to you a break down of our 2011 Best Books list, each day focusing on a group of contributors. Read the contributors comments on the Best Books page by clicking their name.

Gerry Badger          Photographer / Architect / Photographic critic
Self Publish Be Naughty, Under House Arrest, Crime Victims Chronicle, God Forgotten Face, pretty girls wander
Redheaded Peckerwood, Gomorrah Girl, The Hudson Valley, Fragile, Surfacing

Adam Bell          Photographer / Writer
Abendsonne, Photographs, Oculus, The Auckland Project, Redheaded Peckerwood
One to Nothing, Redwood Saw, A New Map of Italy, A, Towards a Warm Math

Susan Burnstine        Photographer / Writer
The Vanities, Iraq | Perspectives, The Mark of Abel, Salt & Truth, The Brothers
History's Shadow, Sunder, Photographs 2001-2009, The Suffering of Light

Marco Delogu        Photographer / Publisher, Punctum
A Guide to Trees for Governors and Gardners, Illuminance, Abstract Pictures, Abendsonne, A Criminal Investigation
First Pictures, In the Shadow of Things, A New Map of Italy, Presences, Shirana Shahbazi

Antone Dolezal        Photographer / Managing Editor, photo-eye Magazine
Burke + Norfolk, Salt & Truth, Redheaded Peckerwood, A, Pontiac
Abendsonne, Illuminance, Redwood Saw, The Heath, Happy Birthday to You

Sven Ehmann        Creative Director, Gestalten
The Other View, Ballet, Darkroom, C.E.N.S.U.R.A., Photographic Memory

Swiss Photobooks from 1927 to the Present, Someone Is No Monster, Freunde von Freunden, Eyes of Paris. Paris im Fotobuch 1890-2010, A Short History of Crying

Horacio Fernandez        Historian / Curator / Educator
A Criminal Investigation, Interior, Eden Is a Magic World, Illuminance, A New Map of Italy,
White Noise, Dune, Gomorrah Girl, C.E.N.S.U.R.A., Paloma al Aire

John Gossage        Photographer / Bookmaker
A Criminal Investigation, C.E.N.S.U.R.A., Chromes, Koudelka
Illuminance, Le Luxe, Photographic Memory, pretty girls wander, Redheaded Peckerwood, Gomorrah Girl

Lauren Henkin        Photographer / Writer / Publisher
pretty girls wander, Idyll, BoulevardUnmarked SitesIlluminance
Series, The New Cars 1964, Naksan, Lyonel Feininger, Pangnirtung