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The latest volume from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston MFA Highlights series offers a striking collection of over 100 of the museum's finest photographs. Tracing both the technical advances of the medium from the camera obscura into the digital age this issue compares the relationships of image quality through technological advances. Containing images from Eugene Cuvelier, Alfred Stieglitz, Hiroshi Sugimoto and more, this comprehensive volume makes for striking comparisons of photographic practice.

An Enduring Vision: Photographs from the Lane Collection published by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston contains a selection from one of the most remarkable private collections of the photographic medium. Consisting of 120 photographic reproductions, An Enduring Vision includes the works from William Henry Fox Talbot to Diane Arbus, Dorthea Lange, Paul Strand and many more.

Mill River by Joseph Gerhard displays a contemplative look at a one-mile stretch of the river from the Elie Whitney Dam to the Wilbur Cross High School, in New Haven Connecticut. This manmade artifact appears as a natural entity within the surrounding landscape. Gerhard’s striking black-and-white images are both meditative and informative of how man and environment coexist, both positively and negatively. Mill River is an ode to man's ability to coexist and in some respects protect the natural environment. 

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