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Found and Lost, Shut Down by, Kosovo in Progress, Voices & Images from Bulgaria
Found and Lost by Nicu Ilfoveanu showcases the photographer's year-long trek through a flea market where a bustle of people crowd around new and old goods in an almost frenzied manner. The photographer's grainy black-and-white snapshots reveal the hysteria of the close-quartered flea market, as well as consumerism in an almost surrealist approach.

Shut Down: Industrial Ruins in the East is a beautifully designed handbound book. Each cover is individually crafted out of a multi-coated, rusty metal plate. Christoph Lingg's striking photographs take the viewer through fourteen countries in search of industrial ruins, baring witness to overconsumption and wasteful decay. This curious object leaves us pondering the significance and environmental impact of the progress of industrial practices.

Kosovo in Progress by Åke Ericson is an intense document on the reconstructive efforts underway following the war in Kosovo. Focusing on the village of Loxha, this book reconstructs the path back to normal living environments and life. Receiving high praise and widely exhibited, the photographs in this book are both timely and offer a staggering account of the aftermath of war.

Voices & Images from Bulgaria by Martin Koenig offers selections from the artists many years documenting Bulgarian music, dance and ceremonies through the use of film, recording and photography. While often quiet and subtle, the images in this book are simply stunning. Beautifully reproduced, this book contains a 53-minute CD of traditional Bulgarian songs and instrumental music recorded by Koenig.

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