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Rookery by Tim Edgar, P.I. by Nico Bick, Dark Zone by Hannes Helkura
Rookery by Tim Edgar is a delicate book containing 10 images of bird rookeries located in southern Dorset, England. These breeding grounds are photographed uninhabited and display an unsettling atmosphere. Here Edgar explores scenes of ritualistic animal behavior by creating a haunting landscape of absence that brings forth a compelling dialogue. 

P.I. by Nico Bick goes deep beyond the walls of the Penitentiary Institution Over-Amstel, the most well-known prison in the Netherlands. Bick focuses his lens on prison cells, isolation cells, communal rooms and prison perimeter walls creating an investigative document that shows the typology of confinement and functionality. The photographs are presented as loose pages, divided into sections depicting different parts of the prison complex and offer an engaging insight into the function of the prison institution.

Dark Zone by Hannes Helkura is a series of eerie portraits and cityscapes. These black-and-white images contain rich blacks and over powering forms determined by the photographer's approach of using shadows and dim light. The beautiful reproductions in this book create and undefined space that is reminiscent of a film noir.

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