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Ginza-Line / Tokyo Project by Marc Gouby and Chau Doc by Thinh Le
Ginza-Line / Tokyo Project by Marc Gouby is a beautiful book depicting the passengers of the Ginza-Line, Tokyo's first subway line. Here the viewer sees the diversity of Japanese society. Young and old, rich and poor unwind and rest on the commute from their business or personal lives. Often shown sleeping, these passengers are caught in an act that is both telling of their labors and openness to their surrounding passengers. The printing of this book is stunning and is accompanied by DVD of an original 16mm film.

Chau Doc by Thinh Le pays homage to the photographer's home in Mekong River Delta, Vietnam. Displaying striking landscapes alongside portraits, still lifes and chaotic street scenes, the images in this book piece together a vivid picture of both rural and urban Vietnamese life. Thinh Le offers a sentimental perspective as well as an otherworldly approach to his photographic practice, creating a narrative that urges the viewer to consider their own sense of home. See Thinh Le's work on the Photographer's Showcase here.

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