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New on Publisher Direct - Blue Mud Swamp, Andrea and Juvenile In Justice

Blue Mud Swamp by Filipe Casaca, Andrea by Darren Ankenman and Juvenile In Justice by Richard Ross

Filipe Casaca's Blue Mud Swamp is a haunting look at the beachside community in Dalian, China. The picturesque scene seems at first a breathtaking retreat, only to be foiled by Casaca's close look at the communities underlying artificiality. Here the artist showcases his keen eye and takes the viewer on an emotional journey that is at first mysterious, but ultimately eye opening.

Darren Ankenman's Andrea contains a beautiful collection of both color and black-and-white nudes. Focusing solely on one subject, Andrea, this book is an intimate exchange between subject and artist. With a fashion photographer's aesthetic, Ankenman places Andrea in elaborate scenes that add an air of mystery and intimacy to his images.

Juvenile In Justice by Richard Ross takes an eye-opening gaze into America's Juvenile Justice system. At times hard to bear, the photographs tell a story of how American society institutionalizes its youth deemed unfit for the outside world. Scenes of isolation, structure and violence continue to present themselves in this breathtaking documentary and are accompanied by many of the youth's personal life stories.

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