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Artist Update

Photographer's Showcase artist Ernie Button's Vanishing Spirits portfolio has been making the rounds on the internet recently. One of the best post featuring his work was posted on Boing Boing which includes some information on the physics of particles suspended in liquid and illustrated with a great video on the science of coffee rings. You can read the article here. His images have also been featured on This is Colossal, Popular Photography, The Verge and a bunch of other sites. Button's Cerealism portfolio has also recently been featured on the Huffington Post and a number of international blogs. You can see both of Button's portfolios here.

Photographer's Showcase artist John Delaney's Golden Eagle Nomads portfolio is included in the current issue of PDN. The article is part interview, a goes into Delaney's background as a printer for Avedon and a number of other influential photographers, as well as his most recent body of work on his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey. This new project has also been featured by The British Journal of Photography. You can see the article here. Our interview with John Delaney can be read here. His portfolio can be seen here.

Congratulations to Photographer's Showcase artist Frank Grisdale, who is in the finalists short list for the World Open of Photography contest. Grisdale's was one of 9000 entries. The final winners will be selected in the next few weeks. We wish him the best of luck. See Frank Grisdale's portfolio here.