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New on Publisher Direct: Paris 1963 / Paris 1965, Poppy and Calla, Brandgang

Paris 1963 / Paris 1965 by Melvin Sokolsky, Calla and Poppy by Linda Morrow, and Brandgang by Herman Wouters

Paris 1963 / Paris 1965 is a beautifully constructed and printed book celebrating Melvin Sokolsky’s iconic bodies of work Bubble and Fly. Redefining fashion photography through his cinematic approach and street photography aesthetic, Sokolsky’s influential photographs have come to symbolize a shift in the photographer’s approach to fashion world. Including outtakes and variations of the artist’s iconic images, this book offers new insight into these two brilliant bodies of work.

Two new elegant hand-made monographs by Linda Morrow showcase the artist’s stunning representation of floral photography. In the first book in her series Luminous Bloom, POPPY presents twelve black-and-white images of the Iceland poppy. Using line, form and an exquisite tonal ranged, the representations are a true sight to behold. The second book in her series, Calla is a beautiful artist book capturing the mini-calla lily in formal abstraction. The twelve black-and-white photographs showcase Morrow’s abilities to extract subtle expressions and explore deep emotion through the lily’s shape and form.

Brandgang by Herman Wouters is a curious look at unique urban corridors largely unseen from street view. Taken in several cities throughout the Netherlands, these images take note of the creativity of the people who make these small spaces their own. Rendered in beautiful color and composition, this book explores these spaces not only as a document but as a recognition of their status as places where we invent for ourselves and neighbors.

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