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Photographer's Showcase: Observatory by Lauren Semivan

Lauren Semivan, The Waves, 2011
We are pleased to announce the new portfolio, Observatory by Lauren Semivan on the Photographer's Showcase. Semivan writes, "My interest in photography is interdisciplinary and synergistic, informed by the written word, painting, drawing, sculpture, and the raw material of human experience."

Lauren Semivan, Untitled (Bones), 2012
Lauren Semivan draws on the experiential nature of time and dreamlike states, utilizing the camera to suspend those experiences in a single, still frame. The photographs are highly composed in a studio setting with a combination of props such as tree branches, string, furniture, wishbones, curtains, mirrors and her own body, all working together in unison through form, light and shadow. The results are dreamy and whimsical, yet dark and foreboding -- seeming to echo the ever-changing nature of our experiences.

Each piece oscillates between traditional photographic and drawing processes through the clever and highly controlled use of lighting and a black and white palette. Semivan carefully selects and lights each prop to the point of near abstraction -- a piece of string is easily mistaken for a charcoal line drawn into the frame, a tree branch follows the form of her long hair, curtains follow the form of her dress. The eye naturally settles on the simple, formal connections made between the objects in each frame. Despite the amount of detail, we are never left feeling jarred by the experience of looking at her photographs.

Lauren Semivan, Untitled (Mirror), 2010
The basis for the project feels entirely psychological. These are places intended to be both familiar and strange. She writes, "Observatory elegantly draws upon a tension that exists between irrational and physical worlds." Observatory is a stunning body of work that embraces the unknown and evokes a sense of spontaneity while employing traditional, controlled methods of production in the studio environment.

For more information, please email the gallery or call 505-988-5158 ext. 121.

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