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Updated portfolios from Rania Matar and Christine Laptuta

We are happy to release two new portfolio edits from Photographer's Showcase artists Rania Matar and Christine Laptuta.
Christina 10, Beirut Lebanon, Clara 8, Beirut Lebanon & Juliette 11, Beirut, 2012 -- Rania Matar
 Rania Matar has added several new images to her L'Enfant-Femme portfolio featuring images of young women bridging the gap between childhood and their teen years. "Matar approaches her subjects with one instruction — don’t smile. From there, the girl is left to pose and arrange herself as she will, leaving her to present herself to the camera in a way of her choosing. This simple direction yields impressive results and we witness these girls struggle to present themselves, attempting to bridge the gap between childhood and the start of sexual maturity. It is easy to see both the past and future in these images — the girls become remarkably readable in poses that are intentional but nevertheless telling — both the child they are growing out of and the coming adult are visible, coexisting in the frame." -- From Sarah Bradley's post on L'Enfant-Femme

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Matar's book A Girl and Her Room, was recently selected as a Best Book of 2012 by Colin Pantall, Svetlana Bachevanova, and PDN Editors
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Desert Series, 2008 -- Christine Laptuta
 Christine Laptuta has updated the images in her Memory and Imagination, Desert Portfolio featuring dream-like panoramic photographs of cactus-filled desert views. Shooting continuously on a Holga camera, the strange an beautiful over-lapping edges of Laptuta's images evoke stories from the landscape. "My narratives chronicle the mystery and ambiguity that is present within the land, and the beauty and chaos that is always in flux. I seek specific locations in which I can explore the notion of time passing, a circle with no beginning or end, the continuity of infinite repetition." -- From Christine Laptuta's statement on Memory and Imagination, Desert Portfolio

Desert Series image405 -- Christine Laptuta
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