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Photographer's Showcase: Hierophanies by Bear Kirkpatrick

All The Links Rattled At Once, 2010 – Bear Kirkpatrick
We are pleased to announce additional images from Hierophanies by Bear Kirkpatrick now on the Photographer's Showcase. Three photographs from this series are included in our current exhibition, The Nude – Classical, Cultural, Contemporary.

The Greek word "hierophany" translates to "reveal the sacred" and Bear Kirkpatrick has managed to do just that. He masterfully illustrates the fine line between myth and reality, the sacred and the profane, life and death. Kirkpatrick explains it was "an attempt to bring out liminal states out of people by placing them naked in wild locations, running them quickly through several narratives to prevent self-reflection or conscious posing, and shooting as many images as possible in a 20 minute span before the light became too dark see."

The Thought of Thinking, 2011 – Bear Kirkpatrick
He writes, "This series, created between 2007 and 2011, went afield looking for evidence in the modern world of Mircea Eliade's evocation of the Hierophany, a tear in the fabric of the profane world that showed a glimpse of the sacred world behind it. All that lives and breathes, dies, is part of a cycle of life and death, is a natural part of the profane world. The sacred world exists as a memory of a place before death, in illo tempore."

What Was Firm Has Fled, 2009 – Bear Kirkpatrick
Depicted in classical God-like gestures reminiscent of Renaissance paintings, his figures are shown climbing trees, encountering wildlife in tall grasses and bathing in ponds – always rendered in painterly light. Kirkpatrick writes, "All of my artistic explorations are attempts to reveal something about the hidden shades that live within us. As a very young boy I went deaf, and as a result my body compensated for the loss by secretly learning to read lips and thus mask this handicap from my parents for almost a year. The flaw gave me power to witness, and with sight as my primary way to read the world I began to see the hidden people that lived inside my mother and my father, the strange flashes of other beings that arose as something fugitive, something dangerous and not-them, and then were gone. I couldn't say – and still can't – what they are, who they are, or from where they came, but I saw them, and continued to see them after my parents caught on to my deafness. Surgeries repaired my hearing, but since those years I have been transfixed, fascinated, and frightened by things that change shape."

We Waked To Find The New World Had Come To Us, 2010 – Bear Kirkpatrick
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