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In-Stock Signed Books from the 2012 Best Books List

Melanie McWhorter and I were recently looking at the shelves of signed books here at photo-eye and noticed a number of great signed titles from the 2012 Best Books list. We've featured some of these books before, but there are a handful that may have slipped under the radar -- and a few more are just recently in stock.

Dive Dark Dream Slow by Melissa Cantanese
"A haunting and poetic daydream, Cantanese's book joins company with a growing listing of smartly edited books of vernacular photography." -- Adam Bell

"This intimate, magical, and heartwarming book revives sweet childhood memories like a secret diary hidden under a bed. Dive Dark Dream Slow is the one of the best vernacular photobooks to come to Dashwood this year." -- Miwa Susuda

"Anonymous photographs culled from a personal archive and given new context — a magical, memorable sequence." -- Shane Lavalette

"Recontextualising images into a beautiful new story that reads like a movie. With some books I don't feel the need to know more." -- WassinkLundgren

Strip-O-Gram by Sebastien Girard

"When Sébastien Girard is not taking photographs (check his great trilogy books), he spends time on Ebay purchasing photographs of domestic strippers in the US. Stip-O-Gram limited edition — with one book of domestic striptease photographs and the second one with text correspondence between Ebay and Girard — is one of my best discoveries at Offprint Paris. The books are beautifully produced: Japanese binding, wonderful graphic design." -- Rémi Faucheux

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Lick Creek Line by Ron Jude
"Jude's work asks provocative questions about the relationship between photographs, personal experience and knowledge, as well as our persistent desire to understand images in spite of their maddeningly murky nature." -- Adam Bell

"The story of these fur-trappers shifts constantly from beautiful to frightening. I like this edge between documentary and staged narrative." -- Andrew Phelps

"From its opening prologue and its dramatic gush of water, Lick Creek Line leads us into an other-world. A map. A forest. A mysterious, unidentified fur trapper. Beautiful landscapes. Weird interiors. A little blood. And a whole hell of a lot about what photography can do with a little space, a little mystery and a little trust." -- Christian Patterson

"Pastoral violence in a subtle color book." -- John Gossage

"Ron Jude's Lick Creek Line emphasizes the subjective nature of morality and questions the representative ability of documentary photography. Jude delivers a layered narrative by sequencing photographs in ways that plumb the gray area between traditional documentary photography and fiction." -- PDN Editors

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Petrochemical America 
by Richard Misrach and Kate Orff
"This collaborative work between photographer Richard Misrach and landscape architect Kate Orff demonstrates the potential to dramatically expand the creative possibilities of the photobook. Orff's beautiful maps, diagrams, charts and drawings unpack the layers of meaning that can be read from Misrach's photographs, which function as a pivot point for a multilayered exploration of issues of energy consumption and ideals of sustainability." -- Rebecca Senf

"For the relationship between the hauntingly beautiful photographs depicting a toxic southern landscape taken by Misrach and the drawings and mapping of data from the region created by landscape architect Kate Orff." -- Natasha Egan

"Richard Misrach, Kate Orff and their collaborators have created a smart, approachable, and beautiful book on the controversial subject of petrochemical extraction, storage, disposal, distribution and refining of this finite resource and the multiple ramifications of this highly political and controversial industry. The book itself is full of eye candy. The endpapers present an aerial view of the region with numbered circles correlating to the plate number of Misrach's photographs. The book measures approximately 27 inches wide when opened demanding full attention to all its details. Words and arrows flow around the page leading the eye on to the next illustration. Orff often references Misrach's photographs to illustrate her charts, graphs and timelines, and the double-ribboned page markers make it easy to reference both the photographs and the Throughline. It is a book to be revisited often as it offers more visually and intellectually with each reading." -- Melanie McWhorter

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Singular Beauty by Cara Phillips
"A slick insight in the world of cosmetic surgery. Both the clinical photographs as well as the glossy design with Japanese binding contribute to a terrific (almost scary) book regarding the limits of pushing physical beauty." -- WassinkLundgren

"Cara Phillips' book Singular Beauty was printed with FW: and designed by Hans Gremmen in the Netherlands and produced as a result of a successful Kickerstarter campaign completed in January 2012. The book comes in a lightweight clamshell and the semi-transparent pages are folded almost as a Japanese binding with reverse printed black text with captions describing the subject and location of each office. All images in Singular Beauty were shot with a 4x5 camera and Phillips uses all available lights in the operating theater. These two factors create strikingly detailed images." -- Melanie McWhorter

Lange Liste by Christian Lange
"During 1979-1997, Gisela Lange kept meticulous records of her family's every activity, expense and tax paid. Here is her record of over 12,000 items, with photographs of her family and the products it consumed over eighteen years spanning two different political and economical systems in the former GDR and reunited Germany." -- Christian Patterson

"How a so boring subject can become adsorbing! Lange turns his obsessive and meticulous mother's list in a fascinating book that also includes series of family photos and pictures of products and other documents. The typography work and the design are very well controlled." -- Rémi Faucheux

"This is just great. A compilation of all expenses Christian Lange's mother made up till his 18th birthday, mixed with family pictures and images of the products she bought. It shows beautifully how inadequate economic reality really is, but at the same time how it can take over so easily. A very layered and compelling book that is beautifully designed and well thought through. Absolutely love it!" -- WassinkLundgren

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A Possible Life by Ben Krewinkel

"Another beautifully designed book where the pages need to be cut for the full perspective to be seen. It's an old trick, but wonderfully done. Thanks to the great design, this is a book where the whole forms substantially more than the parts." -- Colin Pantall

Sunburn by Chris McCaw
"Plain and simple — I love Chris McCaw's work. Having worked in the photo-eye Gallery and looked at his original pieces on a daily basis, some of which are found in the book Sunburn, I have to say — this monograph is one of the most beautifully printed books and pays mind to the subtlety of McCaw's exquisite sunburned photographs." -- Erin Azouz

"Chris McCaw's work has the two things a successful body of photography should have: conceptual rigor and exquisite objects that are a joy and pleasure to behold. His book Sunburn succeeds because it communicates both. Most impressive is the quality of the reproductions, which convey the subtle coloration of the prints, the tactile quality of the burned surfaces, and the wide range of appearance between the many prints McCaw has made. The velvety dust jacket with an image reproduced so faithfully it looks like you will be able to feel the singed gelatin silver paper and the die-cut frontispiece make this a book that any serious collector will have to own." -- Rebecca Senf

"Chris McCaw makes photographs from cameras he builds by placing light-sensitive photo paper into his hand-made cameras, and exposing the paper for so long that the sun burns holes and streaks into the paper as the sun travels through the sky. Sunburn, published by Candela books, does a great job of reproducing McCaw's almost sculptural one of a kind paper negatives." -- Anne Kelly