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Portfolio: New Storm Images from Kevin Erskine

Mothership with Lightning, Valentine, Nebraska, 2009 -- Kevin Erskine

We are pleased to release a new portfolio of Kevin Erskine's stunning storm photography on the Photographer's Showcase. Erskine's color photographs capture the enormous power and beauty of these awe-inspiring events. Storm chasing across the American Southwest and Plains, Kevin Erskine is  the pseudonym of a celebrated Dutch filmmaker and photographer. "My fascination with big storms started in my childhood during the winterstorms in Holland. During a trip in the US, I teamed up with renowned stormchaser Tim Marshall. From that moment on I was totally addicted and obsessed with the beauty of severe weather," he says.

Storm, White Deer, Texas, 2012 -- Kevin Erskine

Erskine's previous portfolio is made up of a series of panoramas, making these 25x32 images a remarkable departure in scale. While the panoramas tend of feature just a small strip of ground at the bottom of the frame, many of these new images include a bit more of the earth, creating contrast, but also a grounding context. Shooting with large and medium format cameras in the face of an on-coming storm, Erskine's images capture the deep colors and unique texture of the clouds. "Having only 4 images per roll makes me to concentrate on the right moment. Changing film in the storm is usually not an option. The result of the large film showing the rich tonality and colors of the storm makes it worth while. I prefer to keep the images pure and unaltered by computer manipulation," Erskine says.

Mothership 2, Mitchell, Kansas, 2009 -- Kevin Erskine

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