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Broken Things by Sam Seager, Photographic Exposure Calculations and Camera Operation by Michael G. Prais
and Irish Tinkers: A Portrait of Irish Travellers in the 1970s by Janine Wiedel

Broken Things by Sam Seager documents the site of Japan's historic earthquake and tsunami of 2011 on its first anniversary. The title refers to both the emotional and physical damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami. The photographs explore life after a great loss and the enduring human spirit.

Irish Tinkers: A Portrait of Irish Travellers in the 1970s by Janine Wiedel is a fascinating glimpse into the vanishing world of a nomadic people, who, through the efforts of globalization, have rendered their skills of tinsmithing, flower-making and spoon-mending obsolete. The black & white photographs depict every day life on the fringe of society and their daily struggles to survive.

In Photographic Exposure Calculations and Camera Operation, Michael G. Prais debunks some of the most ubiquitous myths that appear in photography textbooks and instructional manuals. The sunny f/16 rule, exposure compensation, and the myth of 18% as midtone are explored and deconstructed. Prais offers new insights into some of the most common misconceptions about the technical aspects of the photographic process.

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