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Isolated Gesture by Bil Zelman and Street Shots/Hooky by Rich Allen

Isolated Gesture by Bil Zelman is a fascinating study in portraiture itself. Zelman's subjects give a curious look, raise their hand to the camera, pucker their lips or grab the arm of a friend – gestures that become the focus of each photograph, allowing the viewer to ponder the photograph's ability to describe the essence of a person in a single, still frame. Zelman creatively exploits the limitations of the photographic image to frame each of his subjects' gestures in exciting and unexpected ways.

Street Shots/Hooky is Rich Allen's documentation of New York City in the 1970s. Allen often captured an entire story in a single frame as he rode his bike all over the streets of New York City when he was a bike messenger. He began making a film about the kids in his neighborhood on East 3rd Street when a turf war broke out. Allen escaped but others were less fortunate. The black & white photographs provide a distinct, evocative portrait of a New York City that no longer exists but is now immortalized in Allen's photographs and film.

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