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Photobooks Under $30

Over the last several months, I've been writing about great little photobooks $30 and under. Those posts can be found here, here, here and here with some titles still available. For this installment, I'd like to shed light on three new magazines we have in stock: Ain't Bad Magazine #4 (Grand Illusion)Ain't Bad Magazine #5 (Surface), and European Photography No. 92. Each of the magazines contain the works of multiple artists, so if you are looking for new and exciting photographic work, these are some great titles to consider.

Ain't Bad Magazine #4
Ain't Bad Magazine #4 (Grand Illusion) highlights the works of photographers Livia Corona, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond and Louis Porter. In Corona's series, Two Million Homes for Mexico, she explores the low-income housing developments erected during Vicente Fox's six-year presidency. With attention paid to the lack of schools, parks and hospitals in these urbanized areas, Corona's series sheds a critical light on the seemingly progressive housing project. In Bernard-Reymond's black & white series, he gathers financial charts and statistics and renders them as sculptures using 3-D software and integrates them into natural landscapes. Porter's series titled Unknown Land documents the uncanny nature of the Australian suburb, built to resemble a now far-removed idea of the settlers' homeland.

Ain't Bad Magazine #5
Ain't Bad Magazine #5 (Surface) underlines the work of Clayton Cotterell, Daniel Gordon, Trey Wright, Andrew B. Myers, Anthony Gerace and Stefan Vorbeck/Stillsandstrokes. Themed around Escapism, this issue looks at the variety of ways photographers are reducing the photographic image to its surface — patterns, shapes and colors jump off the pages in this issue. As if an homage to the Dadaists, the form becomes the content in these various bodies of work, allowing the viewer to unpack our own thoughts and fantasies into the images presented to us.

European Photography No. 92
European Photography No. 92 features the work of Jun Ahn, Gerco de Ruijter, Sungseok Ahn, Patrick Gries, Michael Rohde, Nygårds Karin Bengtsson, Osamu Yokonami, Michael Somoroff, Ernst Logar, Robert Harding Pittman, Nigel Dickinson, and POPCAP Award winner Namsa Leuba. Also included are engaging responses from art, media and photography field experts on the subject of Photography's Reinvention, as well as fascinating articles 'Photography and Suicide' by Boris von Brauchitsch, 'Crowdfunding' by Manfred Zollner, and a Guide to International Portfolio Reviews. --Erin Azouz