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Announcing the Nudes/Human Form Newsletter

In the past, photo-eye has promoted a variety of books on the nude with themes of human form, abstract bodies studies, and erotica through a specialty printed catalogue. With the end of the printed publication, we stopped curating many books on the nude into our selection. Recently, we have discovered books like Brigitte Carnochan's Floating World and realized that there are wonderful, esoteric and/or self-published books on the human form that our collectors should know about. For this reason, we are starting a specialty newsletter with this specific interest.

The first edition of this newsletter features three books that explore the human form in a variety of ways. 

Renée Jacobs' publication Paris is a sensual exploration of the city of love. Jacobs' work borders on the erotic while embracing a fashion aesthetic. The models pose in front of French icons like the Eiffel Tower and occupy the interiors of hotel rooms, display their bodies on the streets of Paris and in dimly lit bars. Jacobs is a female photographer who openly explores ideas of sexuality, desire and freedom with her models, creating a beautiful and provocative portrait of the city. Signed copies arriving in 4-8 weeks. Order your copy here.

Brigitte Carnochan is a photographer known for her pictorial still lifes and nudes. The style that she applies to flowers easily translates into the human form and her delicate approach to the body is reminiscent of Steiglitz's images of Georgia O'Keeffe and Weston's artful body studies. The new cloth-bound book Floating World presents 70 color illustrations in a beautifully crafted book. A wooden folder clasp holds closed boards that wrap snuggly around the pages and fold into magnetic flap. Unwrapped, the book opens to reveal beautiful sepia endpapers, minimally treated text with titles and a poem accompanying the images, each presented as a full platinum or palladium print displaying the raw edges of the handmade paper. The warm toned images with red Japanese lettering seemingly floating on the page, and all design elements compliment each other flawlessly. Signed copies are now in stock. Order your copy here.

The work of Roman Pyatkovka, student of Boris Mikhailov and a obvious descendent of the Soviet collage artist of the early 20th century, is humbly displayed in the Zine Collection No. 5 published by Editions Bessard. Each zine in the collection is printed in a very limited run, this one in an edition of 100, and contains a tipped in print signed by the artist. Pyatkovka uses every inch of the female form to analyze ideas. The mixed media pieces are layered with letters (the text often in Russian) to chart, graph and define the female nude with anything but the standard definition. The photos are illustrated with water systems-liquid bubbling and boiling as it moves through the pipes; beakers, test tubes and pipes overlay the female reproductive system, and dotted lines form zigzag lines over the scenes that left alone might evoke erotic feelings. Signed copies in stock now. Order your copy here.

For more information on the Nudes/Human Form newsletter or to sign up, click here.