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Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Vol. 2

photo-eye's Nudes/Human Form Newsletter features books that explore the human form in a variety of ways. Our first edition can be found here.

In 1970, photographer Tom Bianchi began traveling to New York when he discovered a thriving community of gay men in Fire Island. Documenting their camaraderie, intimate moments and sun-drenched summer days on the beach with his Polaroid SX-70 camera, Bianchi amassed an extensive collection of photographs from 1975-1983. The rich, warm tones of the Polaroid film help create an atmosphere characteristic of the 70s and early 80s. Young, tan and full of life, mustaches, trim torsos, and nude men fill the pages of Fire Island Pines. Bianchi's photographs illustrate that if you were a gay man in the New York area during the 70s and early 80s, Fire Island was the place to be.

Signed copies of Fire Island Pines arriving in about 2-3 weeks. Reserve your signed copy of Fire Island Pines here.

In a follow-up to the oversized limited edition book, this volume is more affordable, smaller in size (though still substantial) and now available in a hardbound trade edition. Gibson has been photographing the female form for decades. His impeccable compositions draw comparisons to the likes of Man Ray and Edward Weston, but his images are modernized by drawing influences from sculpture, fashion, and surrealism. Gibson's reverence for the female form is palpable as his attention to light and form take center stage, uniting black and white and color work in a seamless edit.

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Nudity Today looks at the nude form in its many incarnations of photographic representation, from the documentary snapshot to fashion to pornography. This survey, edited by Jesse Pearson, explores the work of 20 to 30-year-old photographers taking on this historic subject in fresh, new ways. With the advent of social networks that allow images to be seen and exhibited on a global scale, photography is finding itself at a crossroads, employing new moods, ideologies and working practices not present in any other time in history. It is through this lens that we come to understand and appreciate the vast and varied work in Nudity Today - that finds a new generation of photographers with exciting, innovative ideas, emphatically documenting their lives with a laid-back attitude toward nudity and sexuality.

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