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Book of the Week: A Pick by Martin Parr

The Fourth Wall by Max Pinckers
We are pleased to post the first of our new weekly series in which we ask our friends across the photoworld to share with us their most recent exciting photobook finds. For our first pick, we felt it no more fitting than to ask one of the most famously prolific photobook collectors, Martin Parr. Parr has selected The Fourth Wall by Max Pinckers. Please note that copies are limited.
"The sleeper book of the year is Max Pinckers' The Fourth Wall by this emerging young Belgian photographer. It is a very nice production, and this self published book, on a charmingly cheap newsprint examines the idea of the Indian film world and the escapism of this, alongside a very good set of contemporary images. These two ideas are woven together with great skill and the book just seems to work very well." -- Martin Parr
The Fourth Wall was recently reviewed for photo-eye Magazine by Colin Pantall. Read the review here.

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from The Fourth Wall by Max Pinckers

Martin Parr is a photographer, a curator and editor. He is currently working on Vol 3 of The Photobook, A History and a book about the history of Chinese photobooks.

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