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New Book from Nick Brandt: Across the Ravaged Land

Across the Ravaged Land. Photographs by Nick Brandt. Abrams, 2013.
We are pleased to announce signed copies of Nick Brandt's newest book Across the Ravaged Land will arrive in September 2013.

Across the Ravaged Land is the third and final volume in Nick Brandt's trilogy of books documenting the disappearing natural world and animals of East Africa. Combined with the titles of Brandt's first two books, this book reveals the title of the completed trilogy: "On This Earth, A Shadow Falls Across The Ravaged Land."

Across the Ravaged Land offers a darker vision of the world that Brandt has been photographing for the last decade, a world still filled with a stunning beauty, but now tragically tainted and quickly disappearing at the hands of man.

Portrait of Elephant on Bare Earth, Amboseli 2011 -- Nick Brandt

For the first time, humans also make an appearance in photographs such as the cover image of a crouched ranger supporting the weight of two giant tusks of an elephant killed by poachers. One series of photographs features hunters' trophies placed back in the epic landscapes where once these animals roamed. Another series of photographs features perfectly preserved creatures calcified by the salts of a Rift Valley soda lake. In both instances, the animals appear strangely alive and sentient in death, appearing to be posing for their portraits.

Brandt sums up his photographic odyssey in two essays that speak to his commitment to the hard work of conservation and photography as a medium for expressing moral truths.

Lion Trophy, Chyulu Hills, 2012 -- Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt photographs exclusively in Africa, where since 2001 he has been working on a last testament to its wild animals and wild places. Brandt’s work has been widely exhibited in the United States and Europe. In 2010, he founded Big Life Foundation to help preserve critical ecosystems in Kenya and Tanzania. Born and raised in England, he lives in the mountains of Southern California.

More information about the book Across the Ravaged Land including price, description and bibliographical info can be found by clicking the title. Order Brandt's artist edition On this Earth, A Shadow Falls with images from the first two projects in the trilogy here.

Nick Brandt will be releasing new work from the series Across the Ravaged Land in September 2013. To be included in the announcement for Nick Brandt's new work, please contact Anne Kelly. View his other portfolios here.