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Best Books 2013: Colin Pantall

Best Books 2013 Best Books 2013 Colin Pantall Best Books picks from writer and photographer Colin Pantall.

By Anne De Gelas
Le Caillou Bleu

The most moving book of the year goes to Anne de Gelas who remembers her husband through an explanation of personal sorrow and loss (and how to overcome it). “There is never a right way to tell a child about his father's death.”

By Pierre Liebaert
Le Caillou Bleu

Partly inspired by Les Revenants (the year's best TV series), Liebaert's pictures are complemented by an absolutely gorgeous gatefold cover design.

Peter Mitchell
Nazraeli Press

An affectionate portrayal of the architecture and life of Leeds in the 1970s and 80s. Large format pictures show what has been lost in a book that is as much about the destructiveness of contemporary urban design as about communities living within the layers the past.
By Mike Brodie
Twin Palms Publishers

Train hopping comes alive in Brodie's stylized but true take on life on the tracks.
By Bertien van Manen

Van Manen remembers her husband, her children and the 1970s in this superb take on the family album.
By David Moore
Dewi Lewis/Here Press

Stoves and walls create the links in this short but very sweet volume on the World of Grimteriors that was Derby in the 1980s.
By Lorenzo Vitturi
Self Publish Be Happy

Using diptychs, portraiture and Freud, Vitturi has made a book in which color and sculpture memorialize multicultural London in a most beautiful fashion.
By Paul Gaffney

A great title for a beautifully thought out project. Gaffney walked 3,600 miles for a project in which meditation mixes with psychogeography and lovely pictures.
By Klaus Pichler

The latest book from the versatile and prolific Austrian photographer, One Third is witty, beautiful and stomach churning all at the same time.
Hundewege, Index eines konspirativen Alltags*
By Jens Klein
Institut für Buchkunst

The four booklets in this publication do not sugarcoat what it means to be spied upon; the Stasi archive in raw and creepy form.

*This title is not currently available from photo-eye. Email us to be notified if copies become available. 

Colin Pantall is a UK-based writer, photographer and Senior Lecturer at the University of South Wales, Newport.