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Book of the Week: A Pick by Adam Bell

Lying Awake. By Geert Goiris. Roma Publications, 2013.
This week's book of the week pick comes from photographer and writer Adam Bell who selected Lying Awake by Geert Goiris published by Roma Publications.

"I first discovered Geert Goiris’ oddly beautiful and unsettling images as an art student in the early 2000s. Wandering through the monotonous booths of a turgid art fair, I was ready to give up when I noticed a booth full of Goiris’ haunting images — an exhausted rhino resting in a fog-draped field, a cluster of futuristic buildings abandoned in the woods, and a black snow-flecked lava field. I rediscovered his work at this year’s New York Art Book Fair when I saw his new monograph, Lying Awake, which gathers together approximately fourteen years of Goiris’ work. As the title suggests, these dream-like images hover between the shadowy depths of slumber and the wakeful attention of everyday. Goiris isolates odd phenomena and perplexing structures that have an otherworldly quality. Although seemingly fantastical, these uncanny images gain their strength in their naturalistic appearance — forcing us to look more closely at the weird world we live in." — Adam Bell

Lying Awake. By Geert Goiris. Roma Publications, 2013.

ADAM BELL is a photographer and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. He received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts, and his work has been exhibited and published internationally. He is the co-editor and co-author, with Charles H. Traub and Steve Heller, of The Education of a Photographer (Allworth Press, 2006). His writing has appeared in Foam Magazine, Afterimage, Lay Flat and Ahorn Magazine. He is currently on staff and faculty at the School of Visual Arts' MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department. His website and blog are and

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