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Photobook Gift Guide: Part III

Part III of our Photobook Gift Guide -- read parts I, II and IV. Check back tomorrow for Part IV.  For more ideas check out last year's guide, which includes some classic books that have been reprinted and a few others still in stock.

Medic by Jennifer B Hudson - $40
Winner of the PhotoLucida book prize, Medic by Jennifer B Hudson was inspired during her own struggle with illness and pain when she was told "I wish there was a machine that could take the pain from your body and put it into mine." Medic combines the fantastic with the very real, pairing photographs of people interacting with strange contraptions with handwritten and typed accounts from people who have cared for loved ones during illness. While Hudson's carefully constructed and meticulously built scenes provide visually metaphoric expressions of illness and recovery, the texts fill in the emotional and personal gaps, making the book an intimate document of the difficult experiences that bind us and the love, helplessness and power that can come from them.

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The Pencil of Nature by Manabu Miyazaki -- $46
Japanese photographer Manabu Miyazaki has spent decades capturing wildlife on film. Years of experimentation and design pair with keen observation of his subjects lead Miyazaki to carefully set up his cameras in the forest on trails used by both people and animals, the shutter to be triggered by the animals themselves. Miyazaki's results are breathtaking; perhaps no image sums up his effort better than the astonishing cover image of a black bear holding onto a tripod and gnawing on the camera. While none of the images in The Pencil of Nature rival the sheer spectacle of the cover image, Miyazaki's photographs are stunning regardless, presenting beautiful, surprising and often intimate portraits of Japan's wildlife. Taking it's name from the first commercial photobook ever published, The Pencil of Nature explores Miyazaki's techniques and the history of his image making as well as presenting a series of images made by wildlife, giving due to the precise hand that set up the frame.

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Here Far Away by Pentti Sammallahti — $68
Now in it's second printing, Here Far Away is a long-awaited book from Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti. Featuring images from 40 years of his prolific career, the book collects images of Sammallahti's simple yet poetic view of the world in his observations of humans and animals. His stunning black & white photographs are often both touching and humorous, perfectly capturing subtle moments of beauty that pass in an instant; moments that make the world feel oddly magical. The book even features an image made by Sammallahti at 14, and includes photographs from his endless travels around the world.

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Publish Your Photography Book by Darius D. Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson -- $29.95
Publish Your Photography Book is an essential text for any photographer considering entering the world of publishing.

"This is not necessarily a book to read cover-to-cover (although anyone who does read it sequentially will feel like they have gotten an education on the ins and outs of the publishing world), but is a reference book to keep close at hand and to dip into periodically as one needs, whether noodling with the first glimmer of a book concept and wondering where to start or looking to refresh your stale marketing ideas. While the focus of the book is on photography, much of what is written applies to the larger world of art book publishing." -- from the review by Mary Anne Redding

Guiding the reader through the entire process and filled with advice from a range of experts, it is sure to be a well-received resource for anyone approaching the photobook publishing endeavor.

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Storms by Mitch Dobrowner -- $50, $55 signed
Mitch Dobrowner's astonishing black & white images of storms are presented in his new monograph from Aperture. Dobrowner began working with storm chasers in 2009 and since then has covered thousands of miles through the Western and Midwestern parts of the United States in pursuit of lighting, tornados and staggering cloud formations to capture with his camera. Dobrowner's images have received wide attention and have been featured in National Geographic, Time, New York Times Magazine and numerous online publications. This large format edition brings together 50 of Dobrowner's unforgettable images of the destructive beauty and the overwhelming power of nature.

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