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Best Books 2013: Anne Kelly

Best Books 2013 Best Books 2013 Anne Kelly Best Books picks from photo-eye Gallery Associate Director Anne Kelly.

By Nick Brandt

Across the Ravaged Land is final volume in Nick Brandt's trilogy of books that depict the animals of East Africa in their natural world.  Brandt’s images are not your traditional wildlife photographs — Brandt creates intimate and emotional portraits that monumentalize his subjects. This final chapter is a darker vision than the first two volumes, reflecting the deviation that he has witnessed over the past decade as he has watched the wildlife disappear at the hands of man. Though some of the imagery is a bit more difficult, it is moving and poetic.   Printed at the Meridian Press, Across the Ravaged Land offers 50 exquisitely printed tritone plates.
By Beth Moon

Between Earth and Sky is great collection of images from five bodies of work by Beth Moon from 1999 to present. All five series' compliment each other, revealing her appreciation for the natural world -- with a twist of magic. 
By Gary WinograndYale University Press

This impressive hard-bound book serves as the catalogue to Winogrand's recent retrospective. This exhibition includes his iconic images as well as images were only recently printed. Winogrand, considered one of the most important photographers of the 20th century, passed away at age 56 leaving behind iconic images of everyday American life -- and thousands of rolls of undeveloped film.   Last year SFMOMA and the National Gallery of Art in Washington organized a fantastic retrospective of Winogrand's work that includes nearly 100 images that were printed for the first time. 
By David Scheinbaum 

Since 2000, David Scheinbaum has photographed more than a hundred hip hop artists. In 2008 Scheinbaum’s portraits were included in an exhibition, Recognize: Hip-Hop and Contemporary Portraiture, at the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution. Hip Hop: Portraits of an Urban Hymn, published by Damiani, features a selection of Scheinbaum’s soulful portraits shot both in concert and backstage — in color and black & white.
By Terence Pepper 
Yale University Press

A great collection of work by Man Ray. This new book published by Yale University Press includes over 200 images ranging from his iconic images to his lesser-known work. 
By Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

Scati, published by Trolley, is a fascinating collection of found artwork — or rather happy accidents. All of the images selected for inclusion in this monograph were the result of test strips that were twice fed though a printing press — in order to clean the press. Typically these scraps would be quickly discarded, however creative publisher Gigi Giannuzzi recognized their beauty (I assume) and safely stored them. The scraps were then rediscovered again after his death.
By Mitch DobrownerAperture

Dobrowner's photographs have long focused on the landscape with a keen awareness of weather. In 2009, Dobrowner took his work to a whole new level when he started chasing big storms with the assistance of professional storm chaser Roger Hill. Storms, published by Aperture, features 51 sublime portraits of mother nature — monsoons, tornados, and thunderstorms. 
By Christian Patterson, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Raymond Meeks & Wolfgang Tillmans TBW books

The most recent book by TBW books, Subscription Series #4, is a wonderful collection of images by Christian Patterson, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Raymond Meeks & Wolfgang Tillmans. All four projects are quite personal -- offering a glimpse into the artists past or present. Each collection is bound into a unique book, all tucked inside of a heavyweight French folded dust jacket.
By Jane Fulton AltKehrer Verlag

In past series' Jane Fulton Alt had explored deviation — her book Look and Leave explores the impact of hurricane Katrina and another series “Crude Awakening” looks at the impacts of an oil spill. The images in her new book, The Burn, include a series of captivating images at that capture a balance of destruction and regrowth.
By Linda Fregni NaglerMACK

The Hidden Mother is a look into the past. This book revels over 1000 found historic images from the collection of Fregni Nagler of cloaked mothers holding their babies attempting to blend into the background. At the time that these photographs were made it was necessary to keep the baby still based on long exposure times, so this was a common practice. These images give a visual perspective as to how much photography has changed in 100 years.
Dave Hyams

Anne Kelly is the Associate Gallery Director of photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. Her interest in photography developed at an early age, influenced by her mother’s love for the medium. Originally from Colorado, she moved to Santa Fe 15 years ago to further her studies in photography under the direction of David Scheinbaum at the College of Santa Fe, where she received her BFA.