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Best Books 2013: Cristina De Middel

Best Books 2013 Best Books 2013 Cristina De Middel Best Books picks from photographer Cristina De Middel.

By Eric Stephanian

A disturbing and effective book that manages to condense in just a few pages and with just one image the potential of both photography and books. An extremely simple and sharp book that stays in your mind.

*This title is out-of-print.Email us to be notified if copies become available.
Something We Used to Know
By Alberto Feijoo

A very honest and subtle way to describe teenager culture from the inside. Poetic and beautiful, it manages to create an interesting narrative tension by mixing screen shots and still lifes. It comes with a play list at the end of a simple and efficient self-published book.
By Simon Menner 
Hatje Cantz

So funny I had to include it in my list. Within the boom of archival material of the last years, definitely one of my favorites for its rarity. A very simple book that doesn't need many artifices to become interesting as just the perspective in time brings the awkwardness of an absurd historic period. My father´s Christmas present.
By Thomas Sauvin
Archive of Modern Conflict

It is just a small sample of the grandiose project that Sauvin is dealing with in China but is representative of its whole philosophy. Again, a smart and funny series of five small books that become a beautiful object and the perfect record of a non-mainstream reality that would get lost otherwise.

The Fourth Wall
By Max Pinckers

Documenting a fiction factory sounds interesting from the beginning but if you do it playing the game yourself it becomes for me the best book of this year. Very simple, modest and extremely well edited, the sequence drives you in and out of reality with beautiful images and a very smart use of the potential I personally see in photography. Max Pinckers nailed it in India.
By Lieko Shiga
It is hard to decide if the series of photographs included in this big and heavy book are pushing me to include it in this list. Certainly one of the strongest works I have seen this year as every single image stands alone, but the book is also very well edited and manages to add even more mystery to the initial troubling astonishment that the series produces. Definitely a must have.
By Lorenzo Vitturi
Self Publish Be Happy

A very surprising work made by an Italian in London who somehow manages to go beyond the cliché about the cliché. Very refreshing and extremely fun photography put together in a beautiful book.
By Carlos Spottorno
RM & Phree  

A book that works as an object smartly loaded with meaning, and that perfectly supports a funny approach to the crisis, very much in the line of how these countries are bound to deal with it: with resignation and bitter humor. For me the best portrait so far of a complex reality that is hard to describe without falling into easy cliché and an extremely interesting photobook.
2/9 (Space Kitties)
 Photographs by Xulio Villarino
 AMC Books
Certainly a disturbing one but part of an ongoing series that is meant to put some balance in this world overpopulated with cute kittens. Kalev Erikson plays with the idea of the 9 lives of a cat and curates this selection of works by photographers who have approached the subject. This second volume is made with images from the Spanish photographer Xulio Villarino… road kill. Annoyingly beautiful and maybe NOT FOR CAT LOVERS.

Cristina De Middel (Spain, 1975) is a photographer based in London who has been working for different newspapers in Spain and with NGO's such as Doctors Without Borders or the Spanish Red Cross for more than 8 years. She combines her strictly documentary assignments with more personal projects that have been awarded and exhibited on several occasions (incuding PhotoFolio Arles 2012, Deutsche Börse Prize and the Infinty Award from the ICP in New York).