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Best Books 2013: Larissa Leclair

Best Books 2013 Best Books 2013 Larissa Leclair Best Books picks from Indie Photobook Library founder Larissa Leclair.

By Pierre Liebaert
Le caillou bleu

The gun centerfold is brilliant.
By Anaïs López

I pause at each photograph to imagine the sounds within. Also by Anaïs López in 2013, the outstanding Only in Burundi.
Arnold van Bruggen
The Sochi Project

Hornstra; always excellent. This newsprint book with photo album insert continues to explore the unstable region in and around Sochi, the site for the 2014 Winter Olympics.
By Carolyn Drake

The images flow from one page to the next, taking you on a journey
through Central Asia. A great mix of traditional book elements and what can be done by self-publishing.
By Adam Broomberg
& Oliver Chanarin

The Bible and photographs from the Archive of Modern Conflict paired: a provocative, shrewdly satirical, and chillingly astute look at issues of context, representation, humanity, war, religion and photography.
By Benjamin Rasmussen

“Benjamin: What language do you think in and dream in?” – A thoughtful and creative way of exploring the notion of cultural belonging. 
Natureza, Luz, Homem*
By Carlos Cancela Pinto
Bad Weather Press

Small photozine of love and water.

*This title is out-of-print. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
Petty Thieves, Number Three*
By Various Photographers
Empty Stretch

Curated group book that includes some of my favorite photographers: too many to name. Number Four coming soon.

*This title is out-of-print. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
Selections from the Joint
Photographic Survey*
By Adam Ryder

Part fact but mostly fiction, it’s the details that make you return again and again to this Conveyor Arts-printed title.

*This title is out-of-print. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
South Sound*
By Tarrah Krajnak

Krajnak’s photographs offer a “speculative riddle” and a point of departure for philosophical musings. My selection for TIME Lightbox “Best Photobooks of 2013.”

*This title is not currently available from photo-eye. Email us to be notified if copies become available.

©Rebecca Drobis
Larissa Leclair is the founder of the Indie Photobook Library, a U.S. based archive that collects and showcases self-published and indie published photobooks, and facilitates discourse on trends in contemporary publishing. Since May of 2010, Leclair has organized pop-up library spaces, events, and feature-length exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Guatemala, and China. The seminal traveling exhibition A Survey of Documentary Styles in Early 21st Century Photobooks has shown in San Francisco, D.C. and New York. Leclair has lectured about photobooks at the School of Visual Arts, Georgetown University, Corcoran College of Art & Design, MICA, New York Art Book Fair, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, among others. She is a 2014 Young Voices Fellow.