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In Stock Best Books of 2011

Books In Stock Best Books of 2011 In stock titles from the Best Books of 2011.

By Paul Kooiker
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Selected as a Best Book of 2011 by:
Aron Morel

"A simple Sunday with an opulent model in a garden and a world of abstraction!" —Aron Morel

$52.00-$750.00 limited edition

Selected as a Best Books of 2011 by:
Cliff Shapiro

"I had so much fun opening up Levy's newest monograph, Grid Portraits, the capstone to a project that has almost spanned his entire career. Not only is Grid Portraits full of interesting little inconsistencies (as Levy reinterperates and collages various locations into one portrait setting), the layout of the book is brilliant! Each portrait folds out, rewarding the viewer with a very large portrait to study (and with no gutter the take a bite out of the middle)." —Cliff Shapiro

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By Adam Bartos

Selected as a Best Books of 2011 by:
Sven Ehmann

"Nothing beats the magic of seeing a photograph appearing in the darkroom. The space might almost be gone, forced away by digital tools, but those will never have the magic. That is why documenting the workshop of photographers and printers well deserves a beautiful book like this one." —Sven Ehmann

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Iraq | Perspectives
By Benjamin Lowy
$39.95-$44.95 signed

Selected as a Best Books of 2011 by:
Susan Burnstine
Larissa Leclair

"Whether shooting through the interior frame of a Humvee or gazing through eerie green military-issue night goggles, Lowy captures Iraq in a truly unique, candid and at times heart-pounding manner. This brilliant perspective allows us to view the theater of wartime Iraq in a genuine, unflinching manner." —Susan Burnstine

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