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In Stock at photo-eye: Oversized

Books In Stock at photo-eye: Oversized Four big and beautiful in stock photobooks from Philip-Lorca diCorcia, John Gossage, Jeff Liao and Richard Misrach.

By Philip-Lorca diCorcia
13x17¼" — $128.00

Selected as a Best Book of 2013 by:
Jeffrey Ladd
Eric Miles

Hustlers documents male prostitutes in Los Angeles from 1990-1992. After receiving funding from the NEA, diCorcia made several trips to Los Angeles to find the models to act out his pre-established narrative, and paying the men their regular “hustler” fee to pose for his camera. In 1993, twenty-five of the photographs marked diCorcia’s first solo exhibition (at MoMA), and now, twenty years later, the entire series of sixty-six color photographs has been published for the first time in Hustlers.

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She Called Me by Name
By John Gossage
20x17" — $100.00

"She Called Me By Name is a sumptuous, if not a bit outrageous, 17”x20”. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyplace to put this beautiful book, but you’ll want to make room – even if it means clearing an entire coffee table or two... She Called Me By Name is full of delightful design details. The raw oversized cardboard cover of the book contains a small, weathered photobooth photograph of Gossage as a young man taken by Diane Arbus."—from the review by Adam Bell

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Coney Island
By Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao
24x14" — $125.00

Known for his large-scale panoramic photographs of New York City, Jeff Liao is back with his second monograph of stunning images of Coney Island. This New York landmark has provided an escape from the hustle of city life since the 1800's. Amusement parks, beach scenes, shops and restaurants rendered in exquisite detail and beautiful color provide a closer look into the culture of vacation, relaxation and good old-fashioned fun. Made in 2010, the images now feel more poignant, picturing Coney Island before the damage of Hurricane Sandy.

On the Beach
By Richard Misrach
20x16" — $495.00

On the Beach is a lavish oversized monograph featuring Misrach's stunning beach images that play with the scale of the humans in the frame and the massiveness of the sea. Now out of print, Misrach has described the work as being "suffused with a sense of the sublime, but it also begins to expose our vulnerability and fragility as human beings."

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