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By Lewis Chaplin
$25.00 Signed

Published in 2011 by the then 19-year old Lewis Chaplin, Sourcebook began as a typographic reference point only to spin out in unexpected directions due to the photographer’s frustration and troubled relationship with the nature of photography. The result is a collection of images whose relationship is fluid, creating an experience of exploration and shifting meaning. Signed copies are in stock.

A Black Matter
By Gregoire Eloy
$70.00 Signed

A Black Matter is Gregoire Eloy's fascinating, if mysterious, look into the world of physics. Featuring images made in and around scientific facilities, the photographs offer little explanation, but are strange and intriguing.

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World Was in the Face of the Beloved
By Eric Weeks
$40.00 Signed

Published in 2007, World Was in the Face of the Beloved is a beautiful collaboration between photographer and muse, Eric Weeks and his wife Stacy. Stacy is at the center of each photograph, but she takes on different forms and characters, one moment seductive and the next demure. While she remains the protagonist, she is also very difficult to pin down.

By Ken Schles

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2011 by:
Adam Bell

"Oculus is an unusual and uniquely important book, and defies easy categorization. Equal parts philosophical treatise and artist book, Oculus asks profound questions about how we find meaning in the world and how images give shape to memory and our lives? Viewers willing to spend time with this powerful work will be greatly rewarded."—from the review by Adam Bell

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War Is Only Half the Story: The Aftermath Project, Vol.1
Photographs by Jim Goldberg, Wolf Bowig, Andrew Stanbridge, Asim Rafiqui and Paula Luttringer

The first in a series of books published by The Aftermath Project, Vol.1 presents the first round of winners of their annual grant competition. Featuring the work of five photographers, the images capture the on-going repercussions of conflict and the struggle for new life in Europe, Sierra Leone, Laos, Argentina, and Haiti.

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