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In Stock Books from Parr & Badger's The Photobook: A History Vol. III

Books In Stock Books from Parr & Badger's The Photobook: A History Vol. III 8 in stock titles featured in Martin Parr & Gerry Badger's The Photobook: A History Vol. III.

The third and final volume of Martin Parr and Gerry Badger's The Photobook: A History has just been released and we're happy to report that copies will be arriving at photo-eye soon. 200 titles from the 1940s to the present make up Parr and Badger's selections, and we notice that we have a few handful of them in stock. All are first editions, aside for Infidel, which is a second printing.

By Morten Andersen
$16.00-20.00 Signed, $180.00 LTD — Purchase Book

Mingling photographs of New York and Tokyo, Morten Andersen's Fast/Days presents a vision of an imagined megalopolis — a boundless city pictured in grainy black and white. Primarily made using a filter and shot during the day, Andersen's photographs have an unmistakably Noir atmosphere to them. A world comes into view through a series of hazy details -- scene in a bar, the side of a woman's face, figures looking out a window, a smiling child, emerge from the shadows and deep blacks creating a sense of place and mystery.

$45.00 — Purchase Book 

"Billy Monk worked in the Catacombs club in Cape Town, South Africa. It was a dive, a loose-living place where the strict racial and sexual divisions of the world above ground no longer held sway. He took pictures to make money, to sell to the people he photographed.

And what people. Billy Monk's photographic years were the 1960s. Miniskirts, boots, ski-pants and beehives are the fashions, the Apartheid era Immorality Act the canvas. Gangsters, pimps and prostitutes mix with society girls, lesbians and sailors and the drink of choice is brandy and coke." —Colin Pantall

By Tim Hetherington

"Infidel, with photographs by Tim Hetherington and introductory text by Sebastian Junger, is as nearly perfect as I can imagine a book to be... The intimacy of Hetherington's portraits of a single US platoon stationed in the Korengal Valley, a dangerous and remote outpost in Afghanistan, cannot help but elicit an emotional response from the viewer, but beyond that, these photographs are just so damn well made, so heartfelt, so intelligent. The book looks like a journal, bound in black, a soft cover that sits in the hands like the personal story that it is." —Ellen Rennard

By Donald Weber
$40.00 — Purchase Book

"Donald Weber’s Interrogations is a masterpiece of design by Amsterdam’s Heijdens Karwei and printed by Wachter GMBH & Co in Bönnigheim, Germany. The book is stitched with one thread in the center and wrapped in a textured printed paper that mimics one of the wallpapers of the interrogation rooms. The uncut text block allows a play on design; the 'creep' extends way beyond the cover. This element is cleverly designed, but feels as though it may also be commentary on the character of those unseen in the second section." —Melanie McWhorter

Mrs. Merryman's Collection
Photographs from the collection of Anne Sophie Merryman
$55.00 — Purchase Book

Selected as a Best Book of 2012 by:
Martin Parr
Melanie McWhorter

"Anne Sophie Merryman's book Mrs. Merryman's Collection purports to be a collection of postcards inherited from her grandmother, who passed away before she was born and shares her name, but all is not as it seems. Collected from the late-30s until the 80s, the postcards were never sent or received by Merryman's grandmother, but collected over the years for their striking imagery. Bearing stamps and postmarks from Spain, France and Africa, the postcards come from all over the world. Each postcard is shown full-size with the front on one page and the back presented on the reverse page. This simple design replicates the act of paging through a pile of postcards, but also allows you to read the messages and savor the physicality of each postcard." —Adam Bell

A Road Trip Journal
By Stephen Shore
$250.00 — Purchase Book

Technically out-of-print, Stephen Shore's A Road Trip Journal is a limited edition slipcased edition that documents Shore's 1973 road trip across the United States. The book opens with reproductions of Shore's personal journals from the trip, receipts and postcards pasted on to the pages next to handwritten notes on the location, the number of miles driven, where he stayed, what he ate, etc. The journals are followed up with every photograph he took while traveling, from his iconic images to small-town main streets, lunches, hotel rooms and outtakes.

By Anna Clarén
$100.00 Signed — Purchase Book

"Anna Claren's new book, Holding has no text-only the supposed biographical imagery of a sad, long-lost photo album. In this album, the light is harsh and the colors are faded. Some of the same characters appear again and again, including a blond woman, who we assume to be Claren or perhaps a model representing her. In one picture, she stares into the camera over wine and a bland dinner; in another she closes her eyes to the camera-not allowing the viewer in." —Melanie McWhorter

Is This Place Great or What 
By Brian Ulrich
$50.00 — Purchase Book

Selected as a Best Book of 2011 by:
Raymond Meeks

"From Aperture and The Cleveland Museum of Art, Is This Place Great Or What by Brian Ulrich is the publication of his ten-year Copia project, documenting the consumer-centric atmosphere of contemporary America. The project grew from Ulrich’s curiosity at whether the 9-11 request of George W. Bush for Americans go out and shop to support the country was truly taken to heart. As economic turmoil overtook the country, it was clear that what Ulrich was documenting was a massive story. Separated into three sections, Is This Place Great Or What is a triptych of the collapsing American consumer system." —Sarah Bradley