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In Stock Books from Parr & Badger's The Photobook: A History Vol. III

Books In Stock Books from Parr & Badger's The Photobook: A History Vol. III Four in stock titles from John Gossage, Joel Meyerowitz, Michael Schmidt & Igor Samolet featured in Martin Parr & Gerry Badger's The Photobook: A History Vol. III.

In celebration of the third and final volume of Martin Parr and Gerry Badger's The Photobook: A History, we're happy to share a few titles from the 200 books featured in the publication that we currently have in stock. All copies are first edition unless otherwise noted. Read Melanie McWhorter's review of The Photobook Vol. III.

The Thirty-Two Inch Ruler / Map Of Babylon
By John Gossage
$75, $80 Signed — Purchase Book

Selected as a Best Book of 2010 by:
Martin Parr
Alec Soth

"This first book in color by Gossage is fascinating as he makes it look like he was a new colorist all along. Mainly shot in the suburbs of Washington DC, he can find photos in the most mundane territory with the greatest of ease."—Alec Soth

Be Happy!
By Igor Samolet
$39.50 — Purchase Book
Note: The edition featured in The Photobook Vol. III is the out-of-print artist book. It has since been reprinted by Peperoni Books.

Selected as a Best Book of 2013 by:
10x10 Photobooks

"Igor Samolet's Be Happy! follows the grand tradition, showing a small cadre of Russian youth engaged in (check all rebel boxes that apply) drinking, sex, group sex, stripping, smoking, fighting, fireworks, squatting, and various indeterminate stunts involving water and/or fire. The usual young hijinks in other words, although practiced here with unusual fervor and sometimes by older participants. At some point, youthful indiscretions lose their patina of experimental freedom and sag into middle-aged nihilism." —Blake Andrews

Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive
By Joel Meyerowitz
$75 Signed — Purchase Book

Joel Meyerowitz was the only photographer allowed unrestricted access to the site of the World Trade Center towers immediately following the attack, climbing through the rubble with the police officers, firemen, steelworkers and rescue teams. His stunning over-sized book Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive captures the astonishing destruction as well as the many-year clean up effort, and also the dust-covered blocks surrounding the site. Over a dozen years later, the images are still shocking, horrific, and moving.

By Michael Schmidt
$175 — Purchase Book

Selected as a Best Book of 2012 by:
Adam Bell
Colin Pantall
Martin Parr
Christian Patterson
Tom Claxton

"A great new work from Schmidt exploring all aspects of food production in Germany. He shoots an unsavoury mix of close ups, color, black and white, throws this all into the pot to produce a most compelling book." —Martin Parr