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In Stock at photo-eye: Resource Books

Books In Stock at photo-eye: Resource Books Four fabulous resource books for photographers and photography lovers.

MVS Resource Guide: Winter/Spring 2014 
By Mary Virginia Swanson
$10.00 — Purchase Book

Mary Virginia Swanson's Resource Guide is an invaluable collection of information for photographers looking to advance their photographic career. Opening with deadlines and information on grants, competitions and other opportunities, the guide also provides information on upcoming industry events and a variety of resources from online communities and magazines, self-publishing resources, educational opportunities and much more.

Photographs Not Taken
By Will Steacy
$14.95 — Purchase Book

Selected as a Best Book of 2012 by:
Rebecca Senf
Anne Wilkes Tucker

"Though the entries in this collection of short essays are inconsistent, Photographs Not Taken provided exactly what I'm looking for in a photo book: it helped put me (a photo curator and historian) into the mind and perspective of the photographer; it inspired me to think about photography in a new way; it challenged my assumptions about the medium; and many of the words stuck with me, long after I had put the book down. The cover design — graphic, evocative, and simple — was a stroke of genius, and makes this book the most instantly recognizable of 2012." —Rebecca Senf

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The Photograph As Contemporary Art: Third Edition
Edited by Charlotte Cotton
$20.95 — Purchase Book

First published ten years ago, the third edition of The Photograph as Contemporary Art tracks the emergence of photography into, and its acceptance by, the contemporary art world. The new edition brings the narrative up to date with a new introduction and an update to the last chapter reflecting current trends. Lavishly illustrated with nearly 250 reproductions.

Publish Your Photography Book: Revised and Updated
By Darius D. Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson
$30.00 — Purchase Book

"While unabashedly promoting photography in book form, the authors do subtly answer my question. They also let other experts in the field of photography and publishing give their take on what makes a good photography book in quotations strategically placed throughout the book and in the Industry Voices section included in each chapter. The Case Studies in chapter 5 provide personal, in-depth antidotes about the experiences of several published photographers, with wonderful books, prompted by insightfully directed questions by the two authors." —Mary Anne Redding