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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Four signed titles from Jeff Rich, Guido Guidi, Jason Nocito and Erika Larsen.

By Jeff Rich
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"It was refreshing to see Photolucida’s coveted Critical Mass Book Award go to only one recipient in 2010. Jeff Rich certainly deserved it. His poignantly important body of work Watershed is presented in a simple format with a design both elegant and appropriate. Complete with stunning printing, Rich's work is allowed to be seen for its full significance. The wisdom of Photolucida's conclusion to publish one book for this year can be seen in the quality of Watershed as an object, and for this decision my hat goes off to them."—Antone Dolezal

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Preganziol, 1983
By Guido Guidi
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Shot in a single room in Preganiol, Italy, this book presents a deceptively simple sequence of sixteen photographs taken by Guidi in 1983 within the small space. The first twelve images shows the passage of light across a wall, the last four completing the picture of the room.  "On closer inspection the series is multi-layered: Guidi’s portraits of a room alludes to the idea of the camera obscura; exterior vistas allude to the Albertian window; blank walls create an aura of emptiness and abandonment; and the shifting of light across the walls signifies the movement of time." The gorgeous reproductions capture the subtle hues of Guidi's photographs and each copy is signed and numbered by the artist.

By Jason Nocito
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Opening with an image of wilting daisies, it is our last glimpse of nature despite the fact that all of these images were taken outdoors. Jason Nocito brings us a variety of pavement-scapes, images shot looking down, down into cloudy puddles, cracked asphalt, rainbow oil-slicks. Walking the line between beautiful and disgusting, unidentifiable trash and cigarette butts float in discolored water exhibiting colors that are at once enticing and obviously toxic. Though Nocito's images are quite literally grounded in the messiness of humanity, other worlds can be found in these small overlooked scenes.

S├ámi: Walking With Reindeer
By Erika Larsen
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Selected as a Best Book of 2013 by:
Erin Azouz
Melanie McWhorter

"The Sami people have inhabited the far reaches of northern Scandinavia for centuries, living a semi-nomadic lifestyle that centers around reindeer herding. In Erika Larsen's Sami, she explores this fascinating, centuries-old tradition with exquisite portraits of the Sami people, the landscapes they call home, and the complex symbiotic relationship between the people of this indigenous culture and the reindeer they herd for survival. The warm, diffused light in the Arctic Circle creates a striking ambiance throughout the work."—Erin Azouz